We can offer you many options for your situation whether it be for the front yard back yard or commercial installation 

All lawn areas will need site preparation by importing soil or sub base to the correct levels, compact ready to recieve your choice of lawn. 

we offer the following options 

  • Seeding …the lawn with the idea lawn mix and bird repellant .
  • Hydroseeding seed …. protected by a nutrient based biodegradable paper mulch
  • Roll out ….The instant natural lawn look and feel 
  • or Artificial Turf …..sell your lawn mower say good by to maintenance  

Fully trained staff 


Artificial Turf


No unsightly weeds that just keep coming back, or variable lawn colour and condition due to soil conditions and moisture levels. watering costs? Pests and deseases are gone!!

Artificial turf can solve many of these problems that you may have with a natural grass lawn. 
It can eliminate mowing, weeding, fertilising and watering.

With the installation of artificial grass for your home landscaping, you will enjoy lush, green grass that looks so real your neighbors can’t tell the difference – all year round.

The variety of turf options from texture and colour to give a natural grasses look real. Outdoor carpet from short pile for the manicured look, or long pile like a meadow, there is an option to suit your gardens.

Kids and pets safe too– our artificial grasses contain no nasty chemicals or heavy metals and can be kept clean and groomed easily.